Why you should be solving LA Times Crossword Puzzles if you love Crossword Puzzles

If you are a huge fan of solving crosswords, we have some reasons why LA Times Crossword puzzles should be on your next to do puzzles. Basically, the crosswords in LA Times are fun and engaging. They are the precise puzzles which can rightfully test your skills and knowledge of crosswords. The clues given in LA Times are created by veteran crossword puzzle writers. It also goes unsaid that The Los Angeles Times Daily Crosswords in undoubtedly one of the nation’s premiere newspaper crosswords. Not only are they entertaining, but LA Times Crosswords also offer a wide range of vocabulary to be tested along with offering clues related to arts and culture. Now that you are convinced that you want to solve the next LA Times Crossword you can get your hands on, here are some quick tips to ace the puzzles:

  1. Work in clusters of columns. You know crosswords are like spiderwebs – every answer is connected to every other answer in way that a network of woven letters is formed. For most of them, they are divided into many groups of up clues and down clues. Hence, at a time go for a single cluster of columns.
  2. Pay close attention to answers with foreign languages. How can you know if the answer is in a foreign language? It’s simple. Rely on your clue – if it refers to a specific country or a city, or if a part of the clue is in a foreign language, your answer is most definitely going to be in a foreign language.
  3. Begin solving the answers you know at first. It is one of the most popular strategies and is known to work effectively – solve what you know and skip what you don’t. Come back to it later.
  4. Always, always double check for spellings. There is no shame in doing so as even the best of us make spelling boo boos! Plenty of times it has happened to the best of the puzzle solvers that they had the answer but could not solve it due to a spelling error.
  5. Give extra attention to clues with question marks at the end. Generally, these suggest a word play or a pun. Think beyond the obvious answer for these types of clues.
  6. Try to figure the theme of the puzzle. A lot of puzzles have titles which suggest the theme. Now irrespective of the fact that the puzzles have a title or not, it will have a theme. The answers are scattered in a way which adhere to the theme. Once you have it figured out, it should be a little easier to solve the puzzle.
  7. Always keep in mind every meaning of the same word that you know. Sure, let’s call a spade a spade, but can’t the spade be a shovel of cards, or suit of cards? This tip comes handy especially for the ones with a question mark.

Now that you have the tips and tricks to ace the toughest of the crossword puzzles, get going with puzzle at a time. If you are a genius of if you are beginner wanting to become one, the only way to achieve is by solving more and more of such puzzles. Apart from LA Times crossword puzzles, the next on your list should be New York Times Crossword puzzles as their puzzles are also nothing but brilliant. In case you are on a lookout for more, there are countless other digital or online crosswords which you can easily solve on your gadgets. Happy solving!

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